We raid the Eidolon of the Outer Dark regularly as a Cabal and we are in the process of rebuilding a raiding team for New York. DKP 'lite' will be used for the NY raids.


We run all dungeons at the moment within the cabal at Elite and most at Nightmare level. We run both 'Initiate' and 'Neophyte' Nightmare groups as part of our regular schedule. Please note that we do not use exploits in Crucible organised dungeon runs.


Lairs are good ways to grab AP and starting purples. Lairs are not run as often as we would like but that is about to change ;)

Who's Who

The following bunch of miscreants are the pillars of our community within Crucible. Well they talk a lot..... which makes them perfect targets for any questions about us

    Crucible Officers

  • Bigwig: Drinn
  • Senators: Invino, Littlebear
  • Treasurer: Kaileesha

Casual Play

Although we tend to be an endgame cabal most of us enjoy casual play as well as the more intense instance and raid runs, so we tend to be a mixed bunch.
Although all of our events are open to everyone that wants to take part - crafting, chatting and even Cabal events have been known to take place within Crucible Cabal too.......


We are currently recruiting endgame focused players. Whether new to the game or a hardened Daemon hunter you will find a home in Crucible. You just have to bear in mind that we have our hearts set on challenging the darker tougher parts of the game so we don't really have much of a casual or RP style, although we tend to be an easy going and open guild.

There are some basic rules to consider before joining us.

You do have to be age 18 or over to join Crucible.

We're here to enjoy our time in TSW within a Cabal atmosphere that's relaxed and helpful so respect for other players is important to us and of course trolling is a kicking offence.

If you have been on any of our events you will already know that we are a friendly lot so if you feel Crucible is the place for you then send a an ingame /tell to any of us when you are online or write to us on our forums and we will talk more.

Welcome to Crucible

Crucible Cabal was formed during pre-launch from Crucible Guild which has been around in one form or another for longer than most of us can remember...or is that just me? Crucible has always stood for achievement, progression and of course - fun! We are also aware that many members have real lives to distract us as well so we wont cry if you need to leave because your long lost aunt Jessie has decided to visit in the middle of a raid. Wot you don't have a long lost aunt...perfect!

We are a Templar Cabal but some of our players wish to try out other Faction story lines so our Cabal also has Dragon and Illuminati splinter cabals for our outcast alts. These are 'Crucible of Chaos', and 'Crucible of Illumination'.

We like to think of ourselves as an open and helpful bunch that likes to talk and sometimes likes to sing (thank Gaia for the mute button....) We like to play hard as well at times, usually when the moon is full and we've run out of beer.

For those that are interested we also have a guild presence in the 'Age of Conan' and 'Guild Wars 2' MMOs too.

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...and in case you don't know what TSW is...THIS is The Secret World!

Kudos to Dreadnik for producing such an excellent promo ;)